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This site is based on the technologies that can be effectively and effeciently utilized to teach in classrooms for all ages and areas of the curriculum. It will focus on media styles and practices that will convey substantially, the objectives, and at the same time, create a relaxed, fun, and interesting environment for learning! Let's have some fun learning!!

Since technology is becoming such an integral part of our everyday lives, why not incorporate it in the classroom and teaching situations? The generation of today no longer looks to the orthography of literature and learnings  of old. They exist in an age of the internet, facebook, skype and other technological means of entertainment and obtaining information.This is why technology should be implemented in teaching situations so that the correct medium of teaching in relation to evolving learning styles are applied. This site will focus on this use of media for my undergraduate course EDTK 3202 at the University of the West Indies. It will look at media elements such as  word processing skills, digital storytelling skills,  power point, webquests, and podcast applications that will facilitate effective learning and maximum retention. Look down!! there's the university!

Technology and Learning!!

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